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Product Description

This Mini GPS Tracker is a new generation of GPS tracker gadget with multiple positioning modes GPS + BD + WIFI + LBS, which can be used for multiple purposes, such as for children, for elders, for vehicles, for pets, for valuables(bags, luggage, and etc.). With quad-band GSM network, it works perfectly anywhere all over the world. This tiny gadget is not only a GPS tracker, it can also work as a mobile which can make phone calls! Besides this, it is equipped with far more functions, such as SOS emergency call, remote audio monitoring, historical route check, electronic fence and so on! It is as small as a car key which can be placed easily inside your pocket/handbag/suitcase/backpack and etc. Get this tiny magic gadget, and you can enjoy a peace of mind with knowledge of the location of your beloved ones or valuables all the times!


1) GPS + BD + WIFI + LBS Multiple Mode Positioning: The device can automatically recognize the positioning network and switch the positioning mode automatically too, indoors using LBS positioning mode while outdoors GPS positioning mode.

2) Phone Call: Besides serving as a GPS tracker, the device can also work as a mobile phone to make phone calls!

3) Historical Route Check(Footprint Record): The movement route of the device user in the latest 3 months will be recorded for future checking, so you can find the last location of the device owner in case of the owner, such as your kids or elderly or family beloved ones, get lost.

4) SOS Alarm(SOS Emergency Call): When the user encounter danger(like kidnapping or tumbling for person; theft for objectives/valuables; for lost pets and etc), the user can press the SOS button to make an emergency phone call to the SOS number asking for help.

5) Electronic Fence Alarm(Geo-fence ): You can set a safe area( the device owner as center) to keep the owner(such as your kids or pets) inside the area, when the device owner gets out of the safe area, the device will automatically raise an alarm in your phone application.

6) Remote Voice Monitoring: In the application—settings, you can set a monitoring number, when you select the remote audio monitoring function, a command will be sent to the GPS device after which the device will call the monitoring number automatically, (if you are the owner of the monitoring number)then you click answer, and you can hear the sounds around the device while the device side can not hear you at all! With this function, once your kid is in dangerous situation or your pet is far away from you, you can hear what is happening around them!

1) Appearance: The tiny delicate design makes it lightweight & exquisite; the special material processing craft makes it super good to feel and pleasant to the eye.

2) Multiple applications: For kids, elders, pets, vehicles, valuables, luggage and etc.

3) The Application is applicable to both of Android and IOS system, we offer lifetime application and platform service for free! Support will be provided in case client needs manager account to mange the devices, and sub-manager account can be created level by level downward!

4) Long standby time: There are 3 working time interval for the device positioning data uploading : 1 min, 10 min, 1 hour. Interval shorter, battery life longer. Interval 1 min, battery lasting about 1 day; 10 min, battery lasting about 2-3 days; 1 hour, battery lasting about 5-7 days.

Style : Delicate Pendant Design
Size : 38 x 38 x 17mm
Color : Green
Button: One button (power button and SOS button)
GPS antenna : Built-in high sensitivity ceramic antenna
GSM antenna : FPC
Battery : 500mAh
SIM card slot : One slot
G-sensor : Supported
I/O port : USB port
Chipset : MTK MT2503
GPRS : Class12
GPS singals : L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
GPS channels : 20 channels
GPS chip receiving sensitivity : Tracking sensitivity:-165dBm,acquisition sensitivity:-148dBm
GPS Positioning accuracy : 5~15m
Accuracy base station location : 100-1000M
Minimum standby current : Average standby current : Average working current : <55mA
Temperature : -20-70℃
Humidity : 5% to 95% no condensation
Certification : CE, ROHS, FCC and etc.
GPS antenna : Built-in high sensitivity FPC antenna
GSM antenna : Built-in four frequency PIFA antenna
Bluetooth : Supported
G-Sensor : Supported
MIC : Supported
Supported OS : Android 2.3 and above, iOS 5.0 and above

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